torstai 20. marraskuuta 2008

Some treeaction

Former Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen seem to pop out quite often in our project. UKK was definitely a man of real action, or atleast portrait as one by the media. There is one specific photo, that all finnish people remember: Kekkonen climbing a palmtree in Tunisia back in 1965.

Photo was taken by press photographer Martti Brandt. We do not know if the situation was spontanios, or if it was arranged. There have even been speculations if the photo is complitely faked.

Regardless of how this particular photograph was made, it definitely have helped UKK to gain his position as a man of real action.


We thought we should try the treeclimbing ourselves, so we desided to contact Maria Kekkonen. Maria was just the right person for this particular job for two reasons: she teaches poledancing, so she knows a lot about climbing, and she is also related to Urho Kekkonen.

So first we started from the UKK monument, just to get to the right feeling. UKK monument also has some poles in it, so Maria tried climbing those first.


And then we continued to the trees.


Maria Helping Rakel to the tree









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