tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2008

The pie issue


One of the key terms when thinking about real action is definitely food. Eating it, preparing it are both very important forms of real action. We approached the issue throught one example: the karelian pie.


Karelian pie is one of the most traditional finnish foods. It originates from Karelia, area that no was given in to Russia after WW2. We bought a bag of contemporary industrial versions of the theme, availlable in all supermarkets here, and had a nice piknik in Asematunneli, the shopping area beneath Helsinki Railway station.



These pies are very popular in Finland, even thought food industrys versions are very far from the original. Soviet union took away karelians land, and made it a soviet province, and now the food industry took away their pie and turned it into this.

We wanted to try to meke some pies ourselves as well. We got some traditional incredients like rye flour, butter and greasy milk (unfortunately you can not get greasy enought anymore), and started cooking.



Well we did agree, that things like sushi seem more familiar to us that traditional finnish cooking, even thought Rakel has taken a course at some point on the subject. Still we did manage pretty well.






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