tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2008


When Danske bank bought finnish bank Sampo, they had severe problems adjusting to new IT-infrastucture. This ment that none of the systems: internetbank, cards or customer service did not work at all for quite some time.

Thousands of customers left the bank, systems are still not not working properly, but now we can have kekkonen on our debitcards.

tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2008


Since this project started we seem to run into Finlands former president Kekkonen everywhere.
When Vladimir Putin saved a film crue from a tiger Helsingin Sanomat made a list of other heroic acts of leaders. Kekkonen was obviously on that list.

I also recently found out that friend of mine is related to Kekkonen. She has kindly promised to help us if we need material of Kekkonen climbing in a tree. The very next day I ran into a shop window that had a giant picture of Kekkonen.

Also a finnish bank Sampo has launched a series of debit cards that are decorated by photos of finnish heroes. One of them obviously is Kekkonen.

It seems to me that we must include Kekkonen to this piece someway.

Working hard

We allways work hard on our projects, but we also have fun at the same time. In the left photo there are me and Rakel painting collective paintings and in the right side there are me and Anna year 2008 studying contemporary iconography.

maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2008

Nature of real action

When I think about real action, first things that come to my mind are all archaic manly things, like hunting, fishing or woodchopping. If I think about the subject any further, I realize that this sort of activities do not have any real meaning in the life we live today.

Average finn feels most real when spending the summer vacation chopping wood for the electrically heated summercabin and dipping TV-shop lures in the lake. Rest of the year is spent feeling unreal in the technological rat race.

We live inside technological rat race, so why do we search the realness from such distances?

Why is chopping wood more real than updating computers? Is it biological, are our brains just constructed this way? Is it species-specific behavior, or have we just spoiled ourselves with culture that emphasizes archaic heroic myths?

Well we do not know, we just started our journey. We will do our best to answerr these questions soon, or possibly just produce more questions.

But about the photos: In the left photo there are Anna and Rakel printing posters old fachioned way for an exhibition we did back in 2000. In the right photo there are Rakel and Anna, year 2008, studying postmodern representations of fishing.

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2008

Action painting with Rakel back in 1998

Back in the days me and Rakel were both deeply influenced by abstract expressionism. We did different kinds of experiments on the subject, and at some point we ended up doing a performance. This photo is from our first public performance. The work was titled "War of sexes" and it was done at Läsnä-rock, Pieksämäki year 1998.

For us it was a big thing to come out from the studio and face the live audience, a thing that painters seldom do. Although one can of course question if it is real action or not, but for us it definitely did represent it.

We were really young back then, not even in the artschool yet. I stopped all painting soon after I got into one, Rakel graduated as a painter, even thought most of her work has been something else.