tiistai 26. elokuuta 2008

Our aim

We are to plunge fearlessly into both real and unreal, true and untrue action, also observing the cultural and historical conventions of these actions. 
It is not yet known where the process will lead us and there is no specific goal. However, the journey shall be documented as precisely as possible. 

Is updating your computer real in the same way as chopping firewood used to be in agrarian society? Was former president of Finland, Urho Kaleva Kekkonen climbing a palm tree a real or a fictive act in order to create modernist heroic myth? How about Jesus as a carpenter?

Our crew

Antti Ahonen, Rakel Liekki and Anna Pöllänen have known each other since they were teenagers. They share an ambivalent urge to create art, but in a way that differs from the traditional.
Antti and Rakel have painted and performed together in the end of 1990's, and the group was first founded in 2000 to produce Merkillisiä kuvioita -exhibition.
After this the group scattered to specialize in different forms of art on their own.
Experiences during the past ten years inside and outside art have matured an understanding, which will materialize for the first time in Malmö.
Long friendship of the group makes it possible to work in a warm collaboration that every now and then effortlessly creates art. 

Antti Ahonen is a multifunctional artist currently based in Helsinki. His primary instrument is a camera, with which he has documented enormous amount of various events and performances.
He is the artistic director of the Association of Experimental Electronics and is one of the organizers of the Pixelache Festival. He has also taken part in a multitude of different groups and productions in performance art, VJ culture, sound art and social art. 

Rakel Liekki is a visual artist. She graduated in 2001 with painting as her major, though she has focused on conceptual and performance art.
Porn is an essential theme in her work. She has studied it thoroughly, for example by working in the industry. She plays with the boundaries of art and popular culture as well as the boundaries between a work of art and the artist, to objectify the artist in a piece of art. Therefore Finnish people also know her as a porn star.
In addition to her work in as an artist, she also works as a journalist. In her free time she collects Japanese candy wrappings and campaigns for animal rights.

Anna Pöllänen is a lighting designer. She graduated from the Department of Lighting and Sound Design in the Theatre Academy of Finland in 2008. 
Anna uses light as an instrument of dramaturgy on stage. She is inspired by the aesthetic experience, beyond conceptual thinking that the intensity and the quality of light can cause. She has mostly worked with contemporary theatre and dance.
In her spear time, Anna dreams of kites and other weightless things.